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Do you wake up with just a little bit more energy on Sundays during the NFL’s season? You’re not alone. There is so much energy associated with the sport and its players. Game days can be excellent reasons to hang out with our friends and loved ones and truly get caught up in the experience that is professional football. There is a reason so many of us tune in during the football season and why we stay interested in the offseason, preseason, and the spectacle that is the NFL draft. It simply offers an experience that many of us can not find elsewhere.

Stephen Troese Jr. works in the Washington D.C. area, and he is a big fan of the Washington Commanders. Although the Commanders have not lifted the Lombardi Trophy in the 21st century, they have had a long and storied history in the NFL. They have won three Super Bowls, and they are certainly due for another one soon. Whether they finish 1st or 32nd, Redskin Nation will be right there cheering their team onto victory. After all, while we do enjoy winning, the best part of football is getting to take part in the experience and enjoy the game with our fellow fans.

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Stephen Troese Jr

As Stephen Troese Jr. is a big NFL fan, he decided to create a blog on our nation’s new favorite pastime. Football fans are always looking for more ways to contribute to conversations within their favorite sport. It stands out and important component of feeling as if you are part of the community and sharing ideas that fuel others’ passion for the game. Through a collection of posts and resources that span various topics throughout the sport, Stephen hopes to inspire others to learn more about football while having the opportunity to share their own ideas, insights, and opinions as well. The diverse range of perspectives that span all levels of the sport are part of what makes the game so interesting, after all.

If you are a fan of Sundays on the gridiron, this will be the blog for you. Stephen Troese Jr. wants everyone reading this to know that this will not be just a blog about the Commanders. While he can’t guarantee that the Commanders won’t enjoy a little more coverage than say the Indianapolis Colts, he will do his best to keep the content as unbiased as football by addressing recent developments and insights that impact the rest of the football community as well. What fans can expect is great content and information regarding what’s going on in the NFL, insights regarding football and its impact on fans, as well as supplementary commentary from a fan’s perspective.

In addition to that, Stephen Troese Jr. wants to make this a year-round blog. As you probably know, the football season may end after the Super Bowl, but the NFL keeps going. There’s the Scouting Combine, NFL draft, training camp, preseason, and more. Stephen knows that fans love to get together to talk football far outside of the season as it presents the opportunity to share thoughts, opinions, theories, and even vent some of our frustrations with their favorite teams.  Also, Stephen Troese Jr. would be hard pressed if he didn’t mention fantasy football. The fact that fantasy gives you the ability to craft your own roster and incentivizes you to watch multiple teams play is great fuel for the football community. If you are constantly going over your roster and checking out the waiver wires on Tuesday night, hoping to find that WR3 who is going to carry you for a week when Julio Jones is on a bye, this blog will focus on fantasy football from time to time as well and should interest you.

The last type of content that Stephen would like to address through this website is more general information about football such as the benefits of watching, what we can learn from professional players, and how fans can stay linked to their community through their love of the game even beyond watching together. Stephen Troese finds that growing your understanding of the game at all levels profoundly impacts your ability to enjoy the experience as a fan. Rule changes, recent developments regarding equipment, the joys of playing football recreationally with others, and more are just a few topics that Stephen would like to address through the few posts not geared towards the Washington organization and the NFL at large.

Stephen Troese Jr. Wants to Hear from You!

Stephen Troese Jr. recognizes that fans gravitate towards platforms where they can share their passion for the game with likeminded individuals. While there are certainly a few existing platforms that give fans the ability to converse with one another and share insights, he recognizes that not all are easily accessible. The desire to share information with fans both of his favorite team and other organizations within the NFL played a vital role in Stephen’s decision to start this blog.

What is your favorite NFL team? Stephen Troese Jr. wants to know, so please put your answers and questions in the comments section below, so Stephen can get a better idea of want you want regarding content. Do you want to focus on specific topics going on in the NFL, like week previews and reviews, best bets, coaching rumors, and others? Stephen Troese Jr. wants to know. Stephen hopes to provide a diverse range of topics through this website exploring recent news and developments within the Washington organization and other NFL teams, theories relating to how players may perform, as well as insights that reflect his love for football whether it be recreational, college, or professional. He hopes to see you back here real soon for the latest NFL news, insights, rumors, and analysis.