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The Best Golf Shoes for Players Amateur to Advanced

Stephen Troese Jr

Less experienced golfers tend to overlook their shoes. But since designers consider the fundamentals of the game, footwear can make or break their play. These days, players should think of their shoes as important as their clubs.

From improved support to outstanding turf grip, Stephen Troese Jr. reviews the best golf shoes help improve swings and more, no matter the conditions.

Best Overall: FootJoy Tour Alpha Shoe

With a hybrid sole of spikeless and spike, this expertly constructed golf shoe can always be seen on the PGA Tour.

The brand’s designers spend hours researching golfers’ body movements and weight distribution to craft their proprietary Optimized Performance Stabilizer system, ensuring optimal power and ball contact.

Best Off-Course: Royal Albartross Golf Shoe Richmond Mocha

This golf shoe blends athletic performance with formal aesthetics to ensure players stay comfortable while looking great on and off the course.

The UK-based brand uses top-tier materials for a truly luxurious feel.

Most Fashionable: Cole Haan Orginalgrand Wing Oxford

While relatively new to the industry, Cole Haan has quickly made a name for itself with this fashion-forward, spikeless sole shoe. Constructed from refined leather, the shoe keeps players’ feet dry in all elements while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Best for Walkers: S2G Mid-Cut Golf Shoes by Adidas

Golfers trudge across all sorts of terrain, requiring a great deal of ankle support which hardly any golf shoes provide — except for this Adidas pair.

On top of the additional ankle support, these shoes use RAIN.RDY tech and high-performing water-resistant material to provide exceptional weatherproofing.

And since Adidas is known for its quality, golfers can expect a fantastic fit.

Stephen Troese Jr

Best Casual: S-Three Golf Shoe by ECCO

Forget breaking in; the ECCO S-Three Golf Shoes are out-the-box comfortable.

The spikeless shoes are discrete yet manage to include all the functionality that golfers of all skill levels desire — tread and water resistance.

Best Lightweight: FootJoy FJ Fuel Golf Shoe

Made from FootJoy’s superior Stratolite Foam, the spikeless design is entirely athletic. It’s lightweight, offers traction, and provides waterproofing without weighing the legs down.

Best Value: Adidas S2G BOA Golf Shoes

Amateur or casual players will love the cost-effective S2G BOA Spikeless Golf Shoes by the highly regarded brand Adidas.

Without shoelaces, these shoes are a no-drama, bang-for-their-buck pick that makes walking the course a dream. And without spikes, they transfer easily from on-course to off-course terrains.

How Your Skill Level Affects Your Golf Shoe Choice

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all golf shoe. But players’ skill levels shouldn’t dictate the shoe they buy. Instead, golfers should focus on their foot pronation, average weather conditions, and swing speed to pick the best golf shoes for them.

For instance, casual golfers playing in mainly sunny, dry conditions would typically benefit from a spikeless shoe. But those with a hard swing who play in wet conditions would find success in a high-performing spiked shoe.

However, it’s ultimately down to the golfer’s personal preference.

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