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How Can I Improve My Golf Swing at Home?

stephen troese jr

Your mom would never approve of you practicing your golf swing inside the house, but you’re an adult now, and you can do what you like!

There are certainly some exercises you can do indoors. All the same, according to Stephen Troese Jr your best bet is still to head out into the back yard or your garage, as you work toward improving your golf swing at home with the help of these top tips.

Work on Your Balance

Before you’ve even picked up a club, if your core muscles are weak and your balance is off, your swing will never improve.

Practice taking swings with your feet very close together. You’ll soon see how good your balance is, and whether you need to work on this first. Follow through with the swing and hold that position for a few seconds, until you’re happy your balance is good enough.

You know not to run before you can walk, but you shouldn’t swing before you can stand! By positioning yourself correctly, you can work through your drills more effectively.

If core strength is what’s needed, look at some video tutorials online where yoga stretches and other exercises can focus specifically on the kind of muscles your body uses when correctly swinging your club.

Check Yourself

Stand in front of a full-length mirror, or even in front of a camera so you can watch yourself back and see your improvement over time. By comparing your posture to those set out in tutorials and by the pros, you can see where simple changes can make all the difference.

Then try out exercises such as head-still putting, where you can track the movement of the ball in the mirror without moving any part of your body, save for your wrists, as you make short puts along the floor.

Get a Hitting Net

An invaluable item that can be used whether you live in the highest apartment in the block or have the largest yard on the street, a hitting net should be the purchase of any golf afficionado.

One that’s sturdy, mutes your shots, and even returns your ball back to your feet is ideal for getting your swinging practice in. And here’s an extra tip: if you’re using a wedge and getting plenty of spin off the ball, get a nylon target to place in front of the net, preventing fast wear.

stephen troese jr

Set Up Chipping Targets

Your golf swing isn’t just about making those big hits to send the ball soaring along the fairway. A good, precise chip is just as important.

Lower grips on the club will make your swing shorter, but they’re perfect for chipping in balls on a home-made course, the kind you may have been online in trick-shot compilations. They’re easy to make yourself, and don’t need expensive pitching baskets.

“Have You Been Taking Lessons?”

Next time you’re at the club, you’ll be sure to impress as your make your way through the course, causing everyone to wonder where you’ve been hiding your personal gold instructor!


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