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What Does Stephen Troese Jr. Think of the Playoffs So Far?


So that was an interesting first week of the NFL playoffs, wasn’t it? Stephen Troese Jr. sure thought so. If you are wondering whether or not one of the winners of the first round has a chance to make it all of the way to Minnesota, Stephen Troese Jr. says you might have some hope. The playoffs are a fickle bird and sometimes momentum is more important than homefield. Here are a few observations Stephen Troese Jr. has about the playoffs so far.

Andy Reid Chokes Again: When you’re up by three touchdowns in the third quarter, you can expect to win the game. That’s unless your team is coached by Andy Reid. While Big Red is excellent in the regular season, he leaves something to be desired in the playoffs. Marcus Mariota even was able to throw a pass to himself. If you’re an Chiefs fan, Stephen Troese Jr. says you might have to start wondering if it’s time for a change.

L.A. Isn’t Quite Ready for Primetime: With the performance of Todd Gurley and the rest of the Rams office, the Rams were a hot pick to go all the way to the Super Bowl. However, the defending NFC champions had different ideas. The Falcons D shut L.A. down, and it looks like they will be a pretty strong force when they go against Philly next week where they will actually be favorites as Foles has not looked good so far.

Jacksonville Has a lot of Work to Do: Jacksonville’s hopes to do something in the playoffs rests on the unsteady shoulders of Blake Bortles. Make no mistake about it. Blake Bortles looked horrible and the reast of the offense did not look much better. Thankfully they were playing the Bills. They will need to play much better throughout to have a chance to make it to Minnesota.

New Orleans Is a Contender: Drew Brees has had a great if understated season. He has let his two-headed running attack shine and for good reason. Ingram and Kamara looked great. The Vikings will have their hands full when they take them on next week.


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